brass planters for indoor home decor

Are Brass Planters Good for Plants?

If you're looking for attractive planters that will add a touch of elegance to your plant display, brass planters may be the perfect for you. Brass has been used for centuries to create beautiful metal planters, and it still retains its appeal today. However, there are several questions that come up on the best way to use brass planters:

  • Are brass planters good for plants?

  • Is brass toxic or bad for plants in any way?

  • Can you place plants in brass pots?

    Let’s take these questions one by one so you can decide what is right for your plants.

    Are brass planters good for plants?

    Whether brass planters are good for your plants or not depends entirely on the climate of the place you live. If you live in a warm climate, brass planters should only be used as indoor decorative pieces, as the sun can heat up the metal planter to a degree that would not be good for plants. If you live in a cold climate, brass planters can be used both indoors and outdoors, as the metal is a good conductor of heat and will help keep your plants warm in winter months. If you are using the brass planter outdoors, make sure the summer temperatures in your area does not exceed 30 degrees celsius to maintain the health of your plant.

    Can you plant directly in brass pots?

    The short answer is yes you can but you should not. If you want your brass planter to keep looking new, it's best not to plant directly in the metal pot. Instead, use a plastic pot that fits inside the brass container. This will help to protect the metal from moisture and soil damage which may lead to discolouring.

    The best way to use brass planters in three steps:

    • Line the inside of your brass planter with a plastic sheet.

    • Take a plant potted in a plastic pot and place it on top of the plastic sheet.

    • While watering your plant, take it out of the brass planter and let the water drain off a bit before putting it back.

    Are brass planters toxic for plants?

    While brass is not toxic to plants, we advise that you do not place the plant directly inside the brass planter to maintain the planter’s appearance and polish. Instead place a plant which has been potted inside a plastic planter inside the brass planter. This will allow you to enjoy the beauty of brass while keeping your plants healthy.