Black Hanging Metal PotBlack Hanging Metal Pot

Black Hanging Metal Pot

From MRP Rs. 1,750
Big Brass BowlBig Brass Bowl

Big Brass Bowl

MRP Rs. 5,580
Textured Metal Pot with LegsTextured Metal Pot with Legs

Textured Metal Pot with Legs

From MRP Rs. 2,850
Ceramic Planter With Birds  Set of 3Ceramic Planter With Birds  Set of 3

Ceramic Planter With Birds Set of 3

MRP Rs. 2,850
Black Round Planter With LegsBlack Round Planter With Legs

Black Round Planter With Legs

MRP Rs. 1,850
Brass Ridged PlanterBrass Ridged Planter

Brass Ridged Planter

From MRP Rs. 1,980
Brown Metal PotBrown Metal Pot

Brown Metal Pot

From MRP Rs. 2,690
Black Tub Planter with LegsBlack Tub Planter with Legs

Black Tub Planter with Legs

From MRP Rs. 3,750
Hanging Ceramic PotHanging Ceramic Pot

Hanging Ceramic Pot

MRP Rs. 1,550
Gold Deep Pot On StandGold Deep Pot On Stand

Gold Deep Pot On Stand

From MRP Rs. 3,680
Gold Broad Pot On StandGold Broad Pot On Stand

Gold Broad Pot On Stand

From MRP Rs. 4,650
Woven Pot on StandWoven Pot on Stand

Woven Pot on Stand

From MRP Rs. 3,250
Blue Metal PotBlue Metal Pot

Blue Metal Pot

From MRP Rs. 2,690
Hammered Metal BowlHammered Metal Bowl

Hammered Metal Bowl

MRP Rs. 1,950
Black Broad Pot On StandBlack Broad Pot On Stand

Black Broad Pot On Stand

From MRP Rs. 4,650
Black Bucket Planter With LegsBlack Bucket Planter With Legs
Sold out

Black Bucket Planter With Legs

MRP Rs. 1,850
Black Deep Pot On StandBlack Deep Pot On Stand

Black Deep Pot On Stand

From MRP Rs. 3,680
Wooden Cart PlanterWooden Cart Planter

Wooden Cart Planter

MRP Rs. 5,650
Black Pot PlanterBlack Pot Planter

Black Pot Planter

MRP Rs. 890
Grey Ceramic PotGrey Ceramic Pot

Grey Ceramic Pot

MRP Rs. 3,550
Olive Ceramic Pot

Olive Ceramic Pot

MRP Rs. 3,550
Red Tub Pot SRed Tub Pot S

Red Tub Pot S

MRP Rs. 890
Blue & White Ceramic Pot PlanterBlue & White Ceramic Pot Planter
Sold out

Blue & White Ceramic Pot Planter

From MRP Rs. 3,850
Face Ceramic Pot WideFace Ceramic Pot Wide
Sold out

Face Ceramic Pot Wide

MRP Rs. 3,850
Marbelled Wooden VaseMarbelled Wooden Vase

Marbelled Wooden Vase

MRP Rs. 11,800
Brass Hanging PotsBrass Hanging Pots

Brass Hanging Pots

From MRP Rs. 2,450
Daschund PlanterDaschund Planter

Daschund Planter

MRP Rs. 5,800
Face Ceramic Pot TallFace Ceramic Pot Tall

Face Ceramic Pot Tall

MRP Rs. 3,850
Gold Pail Planter On StandGold Pail Planter On Stand

Gold Pail Planter On Stand

MRP Rs. 4,950
Burnt Wood BowlBurnt Wood Bowl

Burnt Wood Bowl

MRP Rs. 4,500


Pots & Planters

Pots & Planters


The easiest way to dramatically update the look of your home is to bring a few house plants inside. This is a tip that that few decorators will share with you because it is so simple to execute. However, when you bring the greens into your living spaces, they need to be a dressed up a bit – those plastic and muds pots will just not do. Decorating with plants has always been a part of Mora Taara’s design language - there is something magical in the way flowers and plants instantly give our living spaces a more relaxed and friendlier vibe and we want to help you achieve that with our carefully selected collection of pots and planters in various sizes..

When you are choosing pots and planters, it is important to think ahead about three factors: 

  1. The location: Measure the space where you want to display the pots so you can buy the correct size of planters.
  2. Shape: Placing plants of different shapes and types always makes for a more interesting display. For instance, you can mix an architecture succulent, a lush fountain-like plant and a plant with large dramatic leaves such as Monsterra for a visually appealing
  3. Height: Placing your plant pots at varying heights makes it easy to achieve a dramatic effect instead of placing all of them at the same level. You can use small stools or plant stands to create various levels. 
Do you want to place them indoors or outdoors? All materials will not be suitable for use both ways so check the planter’s description before deciding.
We keep introducing new plant and flower pots in various sizes regularly. So, whether you are looking for small pots or extra large planters we have a wide range for you to choose from. At you will always get an exclusive and curated selection of the best pots and planters that we found. Send us photos of your experiments with going green or Instagram us the photos with the tag #morataara. We would love to share it!