Table Linen

    Setting up a trendy table

    A table setting inspired by your favourite countryside cafe can liven up every meal. It never gets too familiar when you curate this look by rotating coordinated designs of the key pieces like table runners, placemats and napkins, once in a while. Table linen in fact is a great way to lay the foundation of your overall dining decor plan, basis which you can pick crockery and cutlery.

    Table linen is often overlooked in terms of setting up the tone of a regular dining experience, elevating the decor for formal events or casual grill sessions with your friends. Crisp and clean designs like the Forest Green Napkins Set complemented with chic table runners and placemats can make quite a statement on such occasions.

    Don’t just pick table linen because it is the theme colour. The right table linen accents not only the dominant colour but also the pattern and texture of the dinnerware and room décor. A tested trick of the trade is picking a rather wide enough design compared to main serveware like our Meka Table Runner to contrast against solid serveware for an intimate and personal gathering.

    Mixing colours and patterns with serveware

    The colour of your table linen is a design tool that changes the mood of the table setting irrespective of the tableware. At Mora Taara, we live by the book. Our placemats in shades of white, pastels and neutral colours are fit for formal dining. In contrast, informal dining colours include a variety of shades, from orange to deep red to contrasting multicolour designs.

    The diversity of patterns and textures of our placemats can help you transform the table setting at ease with chic designs like Garden Table Mat for day dining events like brunches to a traditional table setting with patterned Meka placemats.

    Placemats perfect for every occasion

    When hosting smaller dinner parties, try using placemat sets instead of a tablecloth or a table runner, which proves to be an easier way of putting the right finishing touch to your decor. Entertaining can be easy and stress-free with our simple tips for setting a basic dinner table to a formal one, and accessorizing with timeless linens and unique serveware from our collection. If you own a heritage table or a dining table you value, it’s important to consider table placemats to protect its surface.

    Our collection offers a range of materials to choose from, including natural cotton, synthetic and fabric placemats to complement your principal serveware or to build your setting around these. As table settings are aptly amped-up with the right touch of lively prints, our Palm Foil Table Mat oozes those happy holiday feels and comes in handy for giving an exotic touch to your dining style. Turn every meal into a memorable experience with our collections and spread the joy with others by posting on Instagram with #morataara.