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Artificial Flowers & Plants

Artificial Flowers & Plants

Most of us know what we love but not why. Our love for flowers is a bit like that and we rarely explore the reasons why we desire them inside our homes. Yes, they are pretty and colourful but so are many other things. Flowers have a ‘je na sais quoi’ that makes their appeal extremely powerful. It’s Ralph Waldo Emerson who gave us an insight into the magical sway flowers have over people. He said, “The earth laughs in flowers.” A beautiful way of describing the core of happiness that flowers seem to hold inside them. When we decorate our homes with flowers, we are attempting to bring a bit of that happiness inside.

People have been making replicas of plants and flowers for centuries using silk, paper and wood. It’s only in the last few decades that we have learnt to make artificial ones that are absolutely lifelike. Choosing the best faux botanicals is one of our most favourite sourcing trips – we get lost inside giant stores that seem to hold all the flowers and the plants of the world.

At Mora Taara we want to make decorating with flowers a simple process. That is why we bring you only the best artificial flowers and plants chosen carefully for their colour, shape - and their happiness quotient. When you are looking to buy artificial flowers and plants online, we want you to find the ones that will bring you joy everyday.



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