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    All of us inherit random types of spoons and forks that have been floating in the family for years. As cutlery lasts a very long time, it is not uncommon for most households to bring out dull and scratched pieces during meal times. The pleasure of sharing food with family and friends is enhanced many times over if we take a little care in creating beautiful place settings -  And one of the easiest ways to do that to add some new cutlery to your table.


    Today, it is easy to buy spoons, forks and knives in different styles. If you are in the mood for a glamorous candle-lit dinner, gold cutlery will add that luxurious touch.

    For more playful settings, designer cutlery with coloured inlay patterns or bead work on handles will bring that extra colour to your table. If you want the feel of heritage silver cutlery, go for a set that has engraved brass handles or mother of pearl details.

    At Mora Taara, we offer a variety of table cutlery for your daily use as well as special occasions  Whether you are looking for the fine cutlery for an important turning point in your life like setting up your first home or creating a collection for your formal dinner table, you will find it all in here. If you feel swamped by the options available online, just go with your gut and choose designs which attract your attention and match your style statement.

    You can find table cutlery made of stainless steel, antique silver, brass, and gold. The different designs and styles are suited for different occasions. Choose sleek and minimalistic designs like our gold cutlery and pair them black crockery for cosy, glamorous dinners. On the other hand, our classic cutlery sets reminiscent of heritage silver cutlery have textured carved handles suited for more formal occasions. If you are looking for cutlery sets for regular use at home, go for the various options available in stainless steel as they are simple, easy to take care and easily affordable. They also complement your table settings perfectly as they have a shine and we offer a range of handle patterns to choose from. They are also light-weight and set well in your hands while eating.

    Once you have decided on the design and flatware pattern, you can now choose how to complete your flatware collections. Our fine cutlery is available in individual pieces as well as complete sets. At Mora Taara we regularly introduce new flatware designs. When you are looking to buy some new flatware online – either for your table or as a gift - you will find a large range of designs and materials to choose from. We wish you happy - and pretty - mealtimes for ever and ever more! Email us photos of your place settings at or post photos on Instagram with the tag #morataara. We would love to share it.