About Us


We believe that your home is a happiness-making machine. All the things in it, your books, artefacts, that odd chair, that whacky coaster, all of them conspire together everyday to conjure up delight for you.

This happiness-making machine asks only for one thing: that you must love the things that you choose to live with.

Anu Kumar, our founder, has always believed that beauty is the default mode of life and today more than ever, our homes have become precious spaces - our sanctuaries from an increasingly noisy world.

We sincerely believe the more thoughtfully we decorate our homes with things we love, the more love our homes will create for us.


Founded by Anu Kumar in 2005, Mora Taara means ‘my star’ in Hindi and is named after her grandmother Tara. "When I was little I used to spend my holidays in my nani's village in Rajasthan. I was struck by the hand-painted walls of village homes, the gleaming brass utensils, the hand-cut stone steps to the terrace where peacocks and monkeys would come each day...village life was filled with beauty and simplicity in a way the city wasn't.

After travelling the world as a journalist, Anu decided to open a home decor store to express her ideas of beauty and craft first formed in a Rajasthani village many years ago. The time spent in the village shaped her belief that all of us are meant to live surrounded by beauty. And Mora Taara is an invitation to you to join her on a journey of discovering beautiful creations of artists and craftsmen from around the world.


We genuinely want you to enjoy each and every piece you collect from Mora Taara for years to come. This means that we never lose our focus on quality - and this extends to the customer service we provide