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    Light up your world

    Having different kinds of light accessories in your home can help you instantly create the kind of mood you want. With a subtle interplay between light and dark, you can create an everlasting appeal of a soothing and welcoming decor setting. Lamps are great for creating cosy corners and help in the transition from dusk to night-time. Similarly, properly placed candle stands can help you instantly create the perfect party mood or any festive setting.

    So, lighting accessories like candle stands and lanterns are essential for creating a curated look by coordinating with household items, decor objects and furniture.

    Mora Taara offers a fine selection of evening decor ideas, ranging from regal candle stands crafted from metal and mahogany wood to lanterns inspired by medieval Indian architecture. From our eclectic range of lighting decor designs, you can buy table lamps, T-light holders, lanterns and more for a mix of task, ambient and accent lighting for rooms and spaces.

    Our range of lanterns and table lamps has been designed to highlight an object or an area of architectural interest. Say you have an empty and awkward corner, one trick of the trade is to transform that space with an oversized lantern or candle holders placed on a corner table to create a visual balance. To brighten up the desk in your study, we recommend our Alabaster Table Lamp which encapsulates the surroundings with distinctive shadow patterns from their unique structures.

    Styling your space with candle stands

    It’s no secret that with diffused illumination of candles, you can uplift the mood of any room, and our collection of candle stands and T-light holders is a great start for creating a focal point. You can pick and mix candle stands in similar colours or shapes for a contemporary look. Plan out where to place your candle stands so that all you have to do is pop in the candles and light them up.

    With our lantern collection featuring tall designs like Marble & Gold Candle Stand, you can heighten up the light and shadow effect. Ambient décor lighting with candle holders and lanterns is a good starting point that lets you curate decor with multiple themes.

    We welcome you to explore chic designs of our range of candle stands online to find your favourite style for a festive mood or to charm up the everyday decor.

    Decorating with lanterns

    Hanging lanterns are a great idea to add interest to your empty walls or a table setting. They’re also ideal for spacing out busy areas with illumination.

    With a pair of colourful or sculptural lanterns you can draw the guests' eyes, or if you prefer a minimalist style, pick a single lantern for a unique visual focal point. Lanterns also make great accessories for creating cosy spaces in a balcony or garden to enjoy your daily cup of tea or coffee, at any time of the day.

    Further, lanterns can be used as a centrepiece on your table; they offer a way to add height and texture and they don’t always have to be filled with candles - just simply add greenery or stems for colour.