Animal Figurines

    Ceramic Animal Figurines


    It would be hard to know the exact moment we first fell in love with miniatures. Be it miniature cityscapes, animals, or dollhouses. Nature is the ultimate healer and creatures that cohabit with us are a thing of joy forever. So naturally, collectables inspired by cute animals make beautiful decor ideas for any home setting. These figurines are also great for creating a thematic display for parties and planning the decor of kids' rooms.

    Having served as lifelong muses to many celebrated authors, pet dogs, cats and birds, even in their collectable form, are a great way to cultivate empathy and compassion in our hearts and homes. Mora Taara has handpicked enchanting designs of ceramic showpieces which will add a modern chic charm to your bookshelf, desk, or any side table in your home or office and can also be gifted to loved ones on multiple occasions like housewarming parties and birthdays

    Styling up shelves, balconies and more

    Have you ever felt like your home needed an extra something even after styling your space as per a planned setting? So how do you fix that bare balcony without having to redo your outdoor garden? Trying a figurine, or rather a couple of them juxtaposed against greens will make it your own mini zoo, that will provide amusing company to your feathered visitors. The key to planning decor with figurines should always factor in the fact that several statues in one place can make it look messy. So, it is better to scatter them around your home so that everything looks complete, not cluttered.
    Our collection of animal showpieces also features majestic designs like Ceramic Elephants, which can instantly create a subtle statement on coffee tables, living room shelves and corner tables. If you want a royal look for your living room or study, our metal-cast Bronze Unicorn Sculpture is just the perfect piece to put a final finishing touch, that commands attention and keeps the conversations going.

    Show off Your Animal Spirit

    When you put these decorative figurines in the most populated areas of the house like the front door or the side tables in the family room, they bring alive the whole space with a friendly and welcoming aura. Each of the animal figurine designs from our collection, like the ceramic bird figurine set of 3, are ideas that you would definitely want to show off as best as you can.
    So, when choosing a spot to place them, consider areas where visitors often sit around - don’t hide them away in busy corners. If you are building a collection of figurines, you may want to safely display these cuties by housing them in a bookshelf or a glass curio cabinet in your living room. Or, if you are buying your first pieces, try placing them in a way that creates focus areas in guest rooms. The decor possibilities with animal figurines are endless.