Lotus Incense Stick Box

MRP Rs. 780
  • Secure Incense Storage: A long and slim wooden box with carvings and a golden lotus in the centre, this incense stick box will keep your incense sticks dry and fresh.
  • Perfect Size: The slim shape of the box is suited to store incense sticks safely, without any damage. It can store about 5-7 sticks at a time. 
  • High-quality Wood: With a long and slim structure made from premium wood with carvings, this box will last you for a long time. The soft cushion on the inside also keeps the sticks safe from breakage.
  • Clean With Ease: The grooves in this box can collect dust over time very easily. Ensure to wipe it clean with a dry cloth regularly and avoid using water to maintain the quality of the wood. 

Size in Inches:  9.2" Long X 1.6" Wide X 0.8" High

Size in Centimetres: 23.5 Long X 4 Wide X 2 High 

Weight:  120 grams

Country of Origin: India

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