Adirondack chairs have long been a popular choice for outdoor seating. The design is distinct and eye-catching with a straight back and seat with wide armrests. Originally, these chairs were made of wood, but today you can purchase them made of other materials as well. Thomas Lee designed the first Adirondack chair in Westport, New York. At this moment, they were known as Westport chairs, but when Lee showed his chairs to a hunting friend and local carpenter named Harry Bunnell, but Bunnell turned around and filed for a patent on the design, which he received in 1905 when the product hit the market as Westport Chairs. Lee did not receive profits for Bunnell ’s operations, and as the chairs grew in popularity outside of Westport and into other areas of the Adirondacks, they became known as Adirondack chairs. Now that you've received your history lesson for the day, read on to learn about Adirondack chair options for your home.