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Stories From Our Customers ❤️

Visiting morataara.com is like opening a box of treasures. I find so many things, each one unique & so pretty!

Ritika Arora

I have admired Mora Taara for many years! Now that its online it's easy to add beautiful pieces to my home!

Smitha Jesthi

Each piece from Mora Taara has added a style quotient to our house, and has been asked about by admiring eyes.

Farah Siddiqui

If you are looking for special gifts, I would highly recommend Mora Taara. I loved the ceramic birds & wall plates for myself.

Leena Sood

Loved their collection, especially the ceramic plates. It added lot of character to our walls.

Sonal Shah

I love Mora Taara! Their lovely artefacts, unique collection and helpful staff...I will definitely keep going back.

Sunita Bahl

It Is a Treat to Shop at Mora Taara. The Store Has an Amazing Choice of Home Decor Items, All Very Artistically Displayed.

Radhika Barthakur

Designer Cutlery

Golden Table Cutlery

Eat In Style

Serving & Dining Cutlery

Ascott Cake Server & Knife SetAscott Cake Server & Knife Set

Ascott Cake Server & Knife Set

MRP Rs. 1,780
Emerald Coffee Spoons - Set of 6Emerald Coffee Spoons - Set of 6

Emerald Coffee Spoons - Set of 6

MRP Rs. 2,450
Ascott Serving CutleryAscott Serving Cutlery

Ascott Serving Cutlery

From MRP Rs. 880
Cheese Knife Set with Marble HandlesCheese Knife Set with Marble Handles

Cheese Knife Set with Marble Handles

MRP Rs. 1,750
Camelot Dining CutleryCamelot Dining Cutlery

Camelot Dining Cutlery

From MRP Rs. 380
Long Stirring Spoon - Set of 4Long Stirring Spoon - Set of 4

Long Stirring Spoon - Set of 4

MRP Rs. 1,690


Your home is a happiness-making machine...

All the things in it, your books, artefacts, plants, that odd chair - all of them conspire together to conjure up delight for you. This happiness-making machine asks only for one thing: that you must love what you live with. Anu, our founder  Read More